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Warehousing & distribution

Our modern facilities are at your disposal. We’ll bring the most practical, efficient strategies to every one of your business opportunities.

Sprawled over 92 acres

  • 1.2 million sq. ft. of floor space 
  • 35 ft. ceilings
  • 80 dock doors 

Prepared for the unexpected

  • 2 onsite backup emergency diesel generators (EDGs) (business continuity planning)
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression 

Focused on sustainability

  • 100% LED campus 
  • Robust recycling program
  • Green ESG score 

Equipped with automation

  • Conveyor sortation system capable of processing +100k packages daily 

Security & safety

Limited access points are validated by badge entry. Firesafe doors separate each warehouse section. Alarms, cameras, safety training and more guard against any potential threats. 

Safety-first culture

  • Perennial recipient of the Governor’s Safety Award, Minnesota’s top safety award for businesses

24/7 secure facility

  • Fenced truck lot
  • Video surveillance
  • Card access
  • PCI compliant facility

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Modern technology and automation solutions, such as barcode scanning and conveyor systems, can significantly improve the speed and accuracy of your order processing.

Ready to get started?

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