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Use our professional services to keep your items on the move. We’ll treat your business as an extension of our own while we pick, pack, ship and everything in between.

Benefits of outsourcing

Cost savings

Partnering with Granterion 3PL Solutions eliminates the need to invest in warehousing facilities and equipment. Use our extensive resources to achieve cost savings that will allow you to grow your business.  

Better technology

Advanced tech like warehouse management systems (WMS) are within reach for individual businesses when they partner with a 3PL leader. Ask us how scanning, labeling and packaging innovation can improve your delivery.

eCommerce fulfillment

The most exciting part of online shopping is the delivery. We’ll take the fulfillment process from the checkout page on your website to your customer’s doorstep. 

B2B fulfillment

Optimize your supply chain process for any size order. Granterion can strategically manage largevolume pallets and containers to meet the demands of your business.  


Inventory management

We know how critical it is to track and manage your inventory. From the moment your items arrive at Granterion until they leave, you and your products will be part of stringent inventory controls.   

FBA Prep

We know FBA prep can be time consuming and costly. Let us take that burden on for you so you can focus on your growth.

Order processing

Efficiency starts the moment we receive an order. Prioritization, quality control and coordination with various departments ensure order accuracy and care of your items.

Picking & packing

Teams methodically retrieve and carefully pack items to minimize wasted space and prevent damage during transit. Inserts, invoices or other documentation and labels are also included in this stage.

Quality management

We believe in quality control in all aspects of our business. Our order accuracy, picking accuracy and outbound quality control are impressive. Automated weight variance checking allows us to be proud of these stats:


slot SKU accuracy


fill rate accuracy


order accuracy

Kitting & assembly

Whether your kitting is complex or simple, work with one of our experts to determine the best solution to fit your need. Need light assembly? We have the right tools and people to make this happen as well.

Returns management

When the supply chain must go in reverse, Granterion can receive, validate and restock order returns. Each returned item goes through a quality inspection process to determine if it can be placed back in inventory or if other action is needed. 

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